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My one-of-a-kind, bespoke Puppy Boot Camp (PBC) is the consummate beginning to prepare any puppy for adulthood. Unlike other kennel-based, residential training programmes, the PBC is run from my family home to ensure your puppy can grow in a stress-free environment and learn with a more realistic training experience, enabling a smooth transition when they return home to you.


My training centres on giving dogs more enrichment from their humans while imprinting simple signs to create focus and obedience. You can rest assured that your puppy will receive equal amounts of love, care, and affection as they will with training, education, and discipline.

Based in London, N3, your puppy would be living alongside my two dogs, Saffy and Fifi, who have mentored hundreds of puppies over the years. Dogs teach dogs Montessori style, including doggy etiquette, manners, and dog communication.


The home-etiquette training plan teaches basic household behaviour and includes daily obedience training, house training, and socialisation, with essential owner training at the course's end to send you and your puppy home in the right direction.

A key element of Puppy Bootcamp is adding enrichment to your puppy’s life through play, touch, adulation, food, treats, exercise, and routine. 

With constant supervision, they'll have plenty of space to play with direct access to my private secure terrace and garden, and plenty of Kong toys made from ethical materials. Underfloor heating and a fresh filter water fountain adds to their five-star experience! Training and enrichment walks on Hampstead Heath are included for inoculated puppies.


All my canine guests will be treated to doggy yoga savasana to promote relaxation and calmness. All puppies are fully groomed at the end of their stay with Natural Puppy Love Shampoo from Wildwash and delivered back to you fully toilet-trained, calm, and responsive with established basic obedience skills.

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A calm and realistic training environment.

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Daily home etiquette training, using my specially developed, dog intuitive training techniques.

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Learning to interact and play with other dogs.

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Fresh air, nature and lead training.

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Fast-track toilet training.

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Lots of playtime and cuddles as well as relaxing doggy yoga! 

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